It’s not about robots but about how we think about robots…

Machine learning capacities are exponentially growing.

Do you need Artificial Intelligence consulting? Want to learn about how AI can benefit your business? We can help.

Artificial intelligence has a variety of applications in today’s corporate world. West Oak Design works with AI and data experts to assemble and prepare various AI deployments that can provide valuable insight and offer far-reaching projections with fair accuracy for businesses.

One of the first things we aim to do with our clients and partners, is dispel the myth that AI = robots, or that AI = human-like brain capabilities. AI is simply a more rapid way of executing mathematical questions in a programme to gain insight. The programme requires some training and some inputs in order to function most effectively.

The video here shows Tony speaking with a seemingly human-like animate Ai-driven robot. She is however significantly limited and is manually controlled with wires and a technical team.

This brief TED talk outlines some of the misconceptions related to AI and how we currently perceive it’s capabilities. It also clarifies how we can rethink our interaction and use of AI to solve problems.

We use both AI and web applications together to complete complex tasks. This helps reduce the ambiguity offered by ‘worm-like’ AI thinking.

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