Let’s talk about your next project.

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Let’s talk! Speak to one of our experts to learn about our products, services, or to discuss how we might be able help address what your business needs. Our discovery calls are free and are a great way to learn about what we offer.

Options to contact us to arrange your free discovery call:
  • Call us during our office hours Monday – Friday 10am-6pm EST at 437-886-6354 to arrange an appointment time.
  • E-mail kawish@onamap.ca to arrange to speak with our business development manager.
  • E-mail us at sales@onamap.ca to speak to an associate about a specific product or service.

Here’s how the call will go:

Step 1


We will ask you the following questions:

  1. Can you tell us about your business?
  2. What inspired you to call us?
  3. Have you worked with us before?

Step 2


Conversations will aim to do the following:

  • An expert from our team will answer your questions
  • We provide a quote for services you requested
  • We discuss ways in which our company might be able to serve you for your information

Step 3


We will provide written next steps in an email or schedule a time for another call to discuss the next steps as needed.